Banbury, Oxfordshire

Artist - Illustrator

Visual Merchandiser - Set Designer - Interior Designer


I revel in the vibrancy and beautiful colours this art form permits. The simplicity of pigment and water belies the breathtaking variety of moods and tones one can achieve.

Mixed Media

I love to experiment! There are no rules, it is simply about what the art requires to make it complete. It could be making the colours on a kimono pop, or water to glisten and foam, to making a 3D scene within a frame.

Graphic Design

Stark black ink upon paper is often my favourite starting point for many of my art. There is a beauty to the simplicity and an honesty to the clean lines that captures my imagination every time.

About the artist

Malaysian born Geraldine Pinto studied Interior and Graphic Design in Kuala Lumpur.

In the early 90’s, she went on to forge a career in Interior Design at Jetson Group both specialising in commercial and domestic spaces. Later, she was promoted to senior designer at the company’s International Exhibition subsidary. She’s lived in Britain close to 20 years and has reignited her passion for the arts over the last decade when she had many opportunities to paint backdrops for her award-winning charity shop window displays. 

In her latest series of artwork, she has delved enthusiastically into a new medium called Powertex after attending a course run by local artist Liz Dixon. Geraldine’s approach to art is about “re-loving the wastages around us”. She adores nothing more than trawling the charity shops, flea markets, and car boots for the unusual and quirky. Instead of creating new art from a blank canvas, Geraldine uses her treasured finds and places her own unique mark on it. Working alongside her father Vincent on many projects, the pair of Pintos redesign and re-love what others may have only seen as junk.


My art is eclectic, ranging from large scale canvasses to postcard sized, from traditional landscapes to reclaimed 3D sculptures, using a variety of media, such a watercolour, acryclics, ink, marker pens, and even emulsion paint!

Current Events

I get involved in various artistic ventures throughout the year. Follow my blog to learn more about where I am, where I’ve been, and where I heading next!

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Social Media

We live in a world of technological miracles. I am a massive fan of using all of the tools available online. Whether it is researching the wording on a famous Land Army poster, checking out what colouration an elephant has on its ears, or seeking the inspiration from others, I embrace every chance to enhance my knowledge and improve my skills.


My friends and family are scattered across the world and this is one way I am often able to feel as if they are just down the road. Facebook also happens to be the ideal place to help promote my art events and those of my fellow artists.


I adore the ability to share via images rather than words. As well as my art, I am a keen photographer and love composing my images into snapshots of a day out, or to show how my work is progressing.


Connectivity, community and the sharing of a common interest all draw me to Twitter. I have met people from all walks of life via Twitter, and made some great friends, many of whom are key players in my local community, working hard to make the town I call home a kind-spirited, happy place.


Anyone who has been an interior designer was doing offline mood  boards years before the internet even began! This fantastic resource sharing facility is both the most amazing source of inspiration, and the most likely to accidentally drain hours from your day!

Music meets art

Painting the right notes

When I decided to become a professional artist, I wanted to launch with something new and unique. My previous career and mother-in-law brought me the inspiration to use old music sheets as my canvass. She is a pianist, and I was running a charity shop. I always looked through the donated music sheets for certain pieces she might like to have. Now I was an artist it struck me how magical it could be to use these aged papers as my canvass.


Many of the sheets were creased, yellowing, and even held together with browning tape. All of this added to the unique charm of each artwork.


i was most interested in the sheets with lyrics accompanying the music. I aimed to extract a key word or sentence and use that as inspiration for the art.

Founded on a loving bond 

Pinto By Design is a father daughter art initiative founded on the principle of re-use and re-love!

Items discarded, discounted, unwanted, unloved, deemed worthless by others, are all brought together in unique and fun ways.

Every design is a one-off, impossible to recreate, the materials used being specifically adapted to the needs of the art.

Items considered useless to the one who discarded them, or donated to charity, now find themselves part of an enchanted forest, or strolling past a village church.

What otherwise is simply recycling to some becomes a fireplace, or the rocky outcrop upon which a lighthouse sits. Everything and anything can, and will, be used!

Contact me

If you are interested in any of my exisiting artwork, would like to commission me for a bespoke project, or would just like to say hello, please use the contact form below.